A dwelling, whether a house, apartment, or office building, does not feel right if it is not equipped with a garden. However, giving this garden should not be done carelessly because it can damage the beauty of the building. You have to pay attention to all aspects. Starting from the selected garden (which is based on its beauty and function), the area of ​​the park, and so on.

The same goes for the basic selection. Left alone (vacant land), planted with ornamental grass, or given paving. The problem, of course, is adjusted to the building. Residential, generally use ornamental grass and paving block texture to beautify the yard. While office buildings are generally the base of the garden only given grass and paving as a land cover for the office area.

Benefits of Installing Paving Block Texture

Although it sounds trivial, installing paving provides benefits that even have a good impact on the surrounding environment. Of course, this can be taken as a serious consideration, when you are decorating the exterior of a house or building. Curious what the benefits are? Check out this review.

1. Gives beauty and neatness

The buildings that are built so high will look more harmonious with their neat yard. Of course, that’s thanks to the installation of paving blocks. The actual land can be covered with cast concrete, it looks more attractive with the arrangement of the paving pattern. Interestingly, the pattern depends on the paving model. Some can be installed in a zigzag, horizontal, vertical, or interlocking manner because they follow the paving model.

Therein lies the attraction. The land covered with paving will give an aesthetic impression to anyone who sees it. The minimum depth for a Resin Bound driveway layer is 15mm. The colorful paint on the walls looks very neat and charming thanks to the combination of the roads in the tourist area.

2. Support the availability of groundwater

In addition to making the yard and house look beautiful, the installation of paving block textures also has a good impact on the environment, you know. This is because when it rains, water will seep into the ground through the paving gap.

So indirectly, paving can be called a good water absorption medium. Groundwater supplies are also maintained.

Compare with other land covers such as castor asphalt. So that rainwater does not stagnate, the road construction workers will usually add drainage channels around the road. Even though they can’t be compared because they have different functions, the installation of paving in the yard, office yard, complex roads, parking lots, and so on, is proven to be more effective and efficient than cast, isn’t it?

3. Does not interfere with plant growth

The type of paving is not only block texture, but there is also grass paving. As the name implies, this paving provides a “place” so that the grass can still grow. This is because the shape of the design is similar to a hexagon, but has a hole in the center of the paving. Well, that’s where the grass grows. As a result, the yard will become greener with the installation of this grass paving.

Those are some of the benefits of installing paving. If you have questions about the size, price, model, thickness, or quality of the paving, you should directly ask a builder or trusted building shop in your city. Remember, there is no need to hesitate or hesitate to ask because this concerns the beauty of your home. One more thing, be careful when buying building materials online. Don’t be fooled by the cheap lure because you only see the goods from the photos. Unless, if, I do not know for sure how the condition of the paving.